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 Benson Shoes -Since 1963-
Benson Shoes has been a worthy representative of the Goodyear welt for decades. The diversity of our
models, the quality of our materials and the comfort
of our products are the reasons behind our success.
Our mission is to offer high-end, elegant and a sober range of products; from classic shoes to sneakers.
Due to the success of its classic models and sports models with its young and younger target BENSON SHOES has managed to strengthen its position in the shoe market. The brand's quality and trademark are the result of a long manufacturing process.
The authentic craftsmanship of our craftsmen is
revealed by the irreproachable quality of our materials. Our leathers, among others, come from the best European tanneries. To ensure our customers a flawless quality, full laboratory tests are regularly performed on
the main subjects. In Morocco, a country where leather goods are a secular art, the brand has continued to
enrich the shoe industry with its high-end models along with it’s proven durability.
Searching for the best raw materials is one of our major concerns. We regularly search the European markets to find the best skins. The sorting of skins is entrusted to specialists, in charge of finding the pieces that adhere perfectly to the requirements of quality and hygiene, in particular with the French tanneries having proved their worth in the tanning of veal skins. Working exclusively with the finest quality leathers and raw material
producers such as DU PUY, TANNERIE D’ANNONAY,
With the help of dedicated brand designers and their ongoing efforts to reconcile modern designs with the tradition of the manufacturing process,
BENSON SHOES presents unique and stylish models
with clean lines; offering its customers a choice that meets their distinctive requirements regarding comfort.
The primary vocation of BENSON SHOES is artisanal.
The cut of the different parts of the shoe (upper, sole lining, etc) is entirely done by hand. As for the other
steps of assembly and sewing, they also require many manual interventions. For example, the welt is sewn to
the rod and to the first fitting. It is then turned over so
that the whole is sewn a second time to the outsole. As for the filling of the cavity between the first outsole and the outsole, it is filled by a mixture of cork powder and glue, which allows the wearers of the brand to
appreciate a personalized imprint after a few days of